Lexi Lee

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Thank you for your interest. To get you started, I need to get you screened.  I use this information to make sure you are who you say you are...nothing more, nothing less, for my safety. I am the website administrator, and I do not have an assistant.  This information is for my eyes only, and I don't care if you're a janitor, doctor or a rock star, married, single or "it's complicated".  I only want to know that I'm going to be safe.  Discretion is as important for me as it is for you, and I do my best to earn your trust.  I will be happy to sign an NDA if your circumstances require.  The high-caliber client I see will view my strict screening process as an assurance, not an inconvenience.

As an elite provider, my safety is paramount. I am well-reviewed, and if you’ve done your homework thoroughly, you can at least walk into a session with the confidence that I am a legitimate provider and with a basic assumption of what services will be available to you during your session. My flawless business reputation should eliminate your guesswork. I have no incentive to risk that reputation for one client.  I can also assure you law enforcement does not screen.  They will collect your information upon your arrival. Tread carefully seeing someone who doesn't screen. She doesn’t value her safety, and I guarantee you, she doesn't value yours. 

Conversely, the lady knows NOTHING about you, other than Tom is interested in seeing her at 3PM on Friday. So she has to screen you with whatever means is necessary for her to feel confident and safe about seeing you. You want her to have the same confidence in who you are as you do with her. Trust me, the session will go a million times better. 

AFTER you have read my ENTIRE website and have decided you'd like to spend some time with me. Please introduce yourself and tell me a little about you by using the Contact Form.  NOTE:  ALL fields must be completed. If you do not have the requested information, please type "NA" so the "Submit" button will activate to send the form. I will confirm, via email, receipt of your request. Please take a photo of your driver's license and text/email me. A government-issued ID is REQUIRED to complete screening. Submitting a booking form without providing all information requested will result in being blacklisted.

Questions will be answered once the booking form and all requested information is received and screening is completed. 
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION FOR SCREENING (in addition to a completed booking form):
(1)  A photo of you holding your Driver's License. Please email/text. I must be able to read your name & DOB. (REQUIRED)
(2)  If you have two (2) recent established, verifiable references with contact information. (NOT REQUIRED but nice to have

Other items you that may be requested if you're traveling to Arizona: 

   *boarding pass

   *airline itinerary

   *hotel info (name, check-in/out date). 

Please provide any handles you use on P411, TER, Twitter or other platforms.  You may be asked to confirm ownership of your account by sending a private message from your account. P411 members, please ALSO send an Appointment Request from your P411 account. 

If you are new or don't have all of this information, submit as much of the above information as you have available I have alternative methods of screening you. Thank you for understanding if additional screening information is requested. Safety, security and discretion (yours and mine) are paramount.

Once the screening process has been completed, I will be back in touch to confirm your appointment and give you instructions regarding your Reservation Retainer (see below) to confirm your appointment. Upon arrival, I will have a charge slip to complete with the card number used to make the Reservation Retainer & signature approving the charges upon your arrival. Please be sure to bring the card you used with you to your appointment.

Those requesting longer appointments receive scheduling preference. For you "fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants" kinda guys, get screened early, then when the whim hits, you're good to go.

Please provide this information when you complete the Contact Form or you may email the information to me for availability. If you email the information, I need ALL the information requested in one email. I will not go back and forth with you for information. Make it easy on me to get you screened quickly, and you won't regret it. 

The Reservation Retainer is due payable in full via Cash.App is:

    (1) Due within four (4) hours after notification


    (3) REQUIRED

    (4) Is applied to the Cancellation Fee in the event you cannot keep your appointment. 

Your appointment time IS NOT confirmed unless and until the Reservation Retainer has been received within this timeframe.


Please send your Reservation Retainer in the full amount of your session via Cash.App to: $SSSMMLLC.  DO NOT PUT ANYTHING in the "FOR" field, NOTHING, NOT ONE WORD.  You can download it to your phone here: https://cash.app/

Upon arrival for your appointment, I will have a credit card charge slip for you to sign authorizing the Reservation Retainer transaction. Please make sure to bring the card you used to send the payment with you to the appointment. The balance of your fee is due in cash.

If you feel like you need to get to know me a little better before we meet, you can get to know my personality here:  https://twitter.com/ConsultingLexi?s=09 

I look forward to meeting you.

As this is the only website I have full control over, the most current terms and conditions of my engagement are contained here. Any language, photos, rates or rules anywhere that contradict THIS website content will not be honored. Your understanding is appreciated.