​​​It is extremely important to me that your experience is everything it can and should be.  


Please understand that my safety is paramount.  If you are a first-time visitor, please read my Screening Requirements here

To get the most from your time with me, please read this ENTIRE website carefully. It addresses many of my most frequently asked questions and will save both of us valuable time.  Then please complete the Contact Form


Hygiene is one of the most important components of an enjoyable time.  Upon arrival, a quick shower to wash off the day, even if you've just showered. We live in an area that even walking from the front door to your car will work up a sweat.

I ask that you shave closely so as not to irritate very sensitive skin.  It's okay if you have a beard or mustache, just make sure it's clean and soft. If you are smoker, please refrain before seeing me.  Please brush and take advantage of the mouthwash or use a mint even if you don't think you need to.

Drugs & Alcohol

I do not drink but don't mind if you'd like a little something to take the edge off.  I have a variety of cold beer, wine and spirits. You are also welcome to bring your favorite beverage. Please don't arrive intoxicated or under the influence of any drugs or you will be asked to leave and a full-fee cancellation will apply.  Please do not use any illegal substances during our visit.

Appointment Time & Cancellations

Please be mindful of our time together.  While I want you to enjoy every moment of our time together, please do not overstay your time.  If you'd like to extend your stay, please know and be prepared to offer the additional donation amount without my asking.  If I do not have other commitments, I'd be happy to spend more time with you. I do not offer off-the-clock time or "hang out" with clients. I have a full life and I'm not looking for a boyfriend.

I am a very punctual person, so please be on time (NOT early & NOT late) for your appointment.  Make-up time at the end of the session is not offered nor should it be expected.

​I am available Monday-Sunday 10a-7p with 1-2 days advance notice for new friends and less so for returning friends should I have availability. I am never Available Now.  

Donations & Reservation Retainer

My rates  are non-negotiable.  I find it very uncomfortable and rude.  Don't spoil our time together--please do not ask.

Reservation Retainer is due in full in advance and IS NOT REFUNDABLE.

I do not offer half-hour engagements but am not offended if you have to leave early to attend to other commitments.  Please note, however, that the 1-hour rate still applies. I do not answer any questions regarding illegal activities, and it is the quickest way to the trash folder and the Do Not See list.

Meet My Friends

I also offer a mind-blowing time with my male and female friends.  Rates for doubles are hourly per person.

Social and Off-The-Clock Time
If you'd like to enjoy drinks at the bar, dinner or attend an event. my social hours are perfect for you. When you desire a luxurious escape after your long meeting day or some time to connect, you can add social time in a public venue. Booking requires a minimum of 2 hours.  

A Behind Closed Doors with Social Time session requires a minimum of the 2-hour Outcall rate PLUS 2 hrs of social time at $300/hour.  

I do NOT offer any off-the-clock time to my clients.  I am not looking for a boyfriend, and while I enjoy the time we spend together, please understand this what I do for a living.  If we are spending time together, having dinner or some other activity, I expect to be compensated accordingly.


I understand that things come up unexpectedly or that you may have to cancel or reschedule, but please understand that my time is a valuable commodity. Because I do not take short-notice appointments, once an appointment date and time is CONFIRMED, full payment for the time reserved is due and payable. When on tour, prepayment in full will apply. Your Reservation Retainer will be applied to your balance. Failure to comply with cancellation policies will result in immediate local, regional and national Blacklisting. Thank you for understanding.

As this is the only website I have full control over, the most current terms and conditions of my engagement are contained here. Any language, photos, rates or rules anywhere that contradict THIS website content will not be honored. Your understanding is appreciated.


Lexi Lee